Hi Friends,

This week, my newest CD, “Rising Songs, Turning Tides,” that I co-produced with Isaac Zones, was distributed internationally by the PJ LibraryFor those of you who don’t know about the PJ Library, it is an international organization that distributes books and music with some Jewish content –for free- to families around the world.

I first connected with the folks from PJ in 2012, when the organization was just a few years old. That year, they picked up my album, “Shirei Gan Shalom, Songs in the Garden” and sent it out to over 30,000 families. Shirei Gan Shalom is a collection of circle time and Shabbat songs for preschool age children. I actually recorded the CD as a fundraiser for my daughter’s Berkeley-based preschool at the time, Gan Shalom. I brought her and a handful of her classmates into my band mate’s studio and included their voices on many of the songs. I was so happy when PJ picked up this CD, as I had already received a lot great feedback from parents that they had learned so much from it about age-appropriate Jewish songs and rituals.

A couple years later, Isaac and I recorded our first album together, My Roots Go Down. This was also picked up and distributed by the PJ Library two years in a row, in 2016 and 2017. And this year, our newest album has gone out.

I am beyond grateful to this organization that is keeping Jewish music alive and making it accessible to people who otherwise may not come across it. I know for myself, music has been one of the most tangible ways that I have felt connected to my heritage and my ancestors.

To hear this music, go to my store on this website and you will see several ways you can access the albums.