Jewish Holiday Shows

You can hire Melita for uplifting and educational musical events for all of the Jewish holidays!  Melita is available as a solo act or even better yet, with her Octopretzel band members, to play at your event and create a fun and entertaining atmosphere while also engaging the children in the theme of the holiday.

Whether its bringing back the light for Hannukah, dressing up for Purim, celebrating the trees on Tu’b’Shvat or setting the tone for the new year on Rosh Hashannah, Melita will help the children find their way into the meaning of the holiday, in a way that is age-appropriate.

Some of the Jewish holidays have complex themes or challenging aspects such as Pesach and Yom Kippur. Melita has a gentle way of helping children understand their role in the tradition, and shows them how they can engage with it in a meaningful way – through story and music.

Melita collaborates with her band members from Octopretzel, to create a show that is half music and half puppetry, sticking to the holiday theme, and bringing the children into a magical world with various puppet characters. Children (and teachers/caregivers) absolutely love these shows – highly recommended!

“We absolutely loved having Melita and Jen Miriam perform this year at our Beth El Nursery School’s Chanukah celebration. As an educator, I appreciated the combination of their music, puppetry, and ability to involve the audience in the story. The performers seamlessly weave their magic together to create a fabulous show. The artistry and personalities of the puppets were stellar: combined with the magic of Melita’s music kept the children and their grown-ups involved and dancing throughout the performance.?It was so wonderful to see the children and their families actively participate in the joy of make-believe and storytelling. Our families could not stop raving about the show, and we are hoping to invite them back for another show this spring!”

- Jodi Gladstone

Preschool Director at Congregation Beth El, Berkeley, CA

Octopretzel Hannukah

Dreydl Dreydl

Through My Window

Octopretzel Sukkot

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