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Melita thinks of herself as a “song catcher.”  Sometimes an idea, an inspiration just emerges out of the ethers and we get to catch that and translate it into melodies and lyrics. Melita believes that music is transformative and aspires toward this quality in her songwriting. Her music crosses genres and transcends generations, at times joyful and whimsical, and at times sobering or truth-telling.

Over the years, Melita has played many musical roles, from leading songs at gatherings in the forest to performing on big stages with full bands, from singing in wedding ceremonies to engaging groups of young children in music and creative movement.

Her songs truly touch the heart. It is music that might inspire you to sing along, or may invite you into a quiet journey of contemplation. Her music has been described as both simple and complex, “cosmic lullabies for the soul,” that have a way of reaching people deep inside and soothing the weary sprit.

Stay tuned for Melita’s new album, One Story, to be released spring 19′!

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