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Many would agree that music can be healing, even transformative. Melita aspires toward these qualities in her songwriting. Her music crosses genres and transcends generations, at times joyful and whimsical, and at times sobering and honest.

Through her songs, she seeks to connect with people in a deep place, beyond the limitations of cynicism and apathy. It is music that might inspire you to sing along, or may invite you into a quiet journey of contemplation. Her music has been described as both simple and complex, “cosmic lullabies for the soul,” that have a way of reaching people where they are at, soothing the weary sprit.

Melita has several albums of contemporary mystic folk music, recorded and produced by Jonjon Alevizakis, of Little Buddha Studio in Nevada City, CA.
Her latest full-length album, One Story, was released in 2019.  

She is currently working with the renowned producer, Entheo, to produce and remix a series of songs designed for healing, transformation and awakening. 

When you have a few moments to go on an inward journey, put on some headphones and check out Breathing In and Lantern.

Melita is also a featured artist in the Nova Earth Music catalogue, a newly emerging hub for the “Medicine Music” genre.

Melita is available for performances, or “prayer-formances” as a solo act, but often performs as a duo, trio, or full band, along with other vocalists and instrumentalists.  She has collaborated with artists such as Lauren Arrow, Mikey Pauker, Chad Wilkins, Eliyahu Sills of the Qadim Ensemble, Shimshai and Jens Jarvie, among many others.  Reach out if you are interested in booking!



“Melita’s music is a gift – medicine for the heart, mind, and spirit. In this time of planetary shifting, she offers hope and inspiration, a fresh perspective on reality. Melita invites us to open to the beauty of the moment and let life become our teacher. Her music is a must-have for every spiritual seeker, parent, child, and human being!”
~ Kara Zahl, bodyworker and cranial-sacral practitioner

“Melita’s music is deep, honest, wise, prayerful, and heart-opening. The music and lyrics together provide a clear window into the soul’s journey and a reminder of the miracle and importance of this precious time we have.”
~Arik Labowitz, Rabbi

“Deep lyrics alongside exquisite melodies, beautifully mixed!”
~ Richard Rudd, Founder of The Gene Keys

“Melita’s song ‘Begin’ transports me within, and allows me to dance within my complex inner world. I find myself spontaneously moving my body wildly, lost in the uplifting and layered melody, totally lost in the sensual experience. Thank you Melita for birthing such a gorgeous song!”
~Mia Cara, Mia Cara Wellness



The Story of One Story

Begin by Melita

Evolution by Melita

Light in the Soul

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