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Melita has worked in the field of early childhood education for over twenty years. She worked as a lead teacher in several preschools both in Boulder, CO and Berkeley, CA before becoming a music specialist. Melita has a certification in early childhood education, and has also received training in Orff Schulwerk developmental music education, Music Together and Waldorf.

She has worked in over thirty schools and childcare centers in the Bay Area as a music specialist for children between the ages of 1-7.

Melita has developed her own method of teaching music to young children which involves principles of body and spatial awareness, tonal development, pattern recognition, integration of sound and movement and also group exercises which build age-appropriate social skills and compassion for others.

Her classes are fun and engaging, integrating lots of movement and dance, participative sing-alongs, puppets and felt boards and instrument play.

To see what parents and preschool directors have had to say about Melita’s classes, see this link.


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