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Melita Silberstein is a singer/songwriter, childrens’ performer, sound healer, cantorial soloist, and ceremonial song-leader based out of Berkeley, CA. She is the founding member of Octopretzel, a popular Bay Area band for kids, and has also recorded and/or co-produced a number of albums in the realms of singer-songwriter contemporary folk, spiritual/medicine music, and childrens’ music as well.

Melita has worked as a music specialist for young children for over two decades. She currently teaches music classes in schools, libraries, and other venues for families in the Bay Area. She holds a degree in eco-psychology from the Naropa Institute, and also a certification in early childhood education.  

Melita has worked extensively in the Bay Area Jewish community, leading Shabbat services for people of all ages, and songleading at Bar and Bat Mitzvah services.  She currently works as the Programs Manager for Families and Young Children for the Earth-based Judaism organization, Wilderness Torah.

She has received training in an array of teaching modalities including Waldorf, Music Together, Orff Schulwerk, and Yoga for Kids.  She has also extensively studied the healing modalities of sound, Reiki and energy medicine. Melita co-founded the girls’ rites of passage program Gaia Girls Passages. She is the proud mother of one creative teenage girl, Leilah Meadow.



“Music has the power to transform, to uplift, to deepen and to inspire – the listener as well as the performer. I try to write and play music that speaks to a timeless place in all of us, our Inner Child and our Inner Wise One. My goal is to make music that is accessible to everyone. I believe that true folk music has the potential to cross genres and generations.

Woven throughout my music is a vision of inter-connectedness, both with one another and with all of life on this planet. This world is a magical place, if we choose to see it that way. Working with children has been such an amazing reminder to me that all people have a spark of purity and openness inside. It may get covered up, but it’s in there. I hope that my music connects with that place in you.”

~ Melita

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