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Melita has worked as a music specialist for young children for almost two decades.  She is based in Berkeley and currently teaches ongoing music classes in an array of local schools, libraries, play spaces and more. Melita has a certification in early childhood education, and has received training in an array of teaching modalities including Waldorf, Music Together, Orff Shulwerk, and children’s yoga.

Melita has developed her own method of teaching music to young children which involves principles of body and spatial awareness, tonal development, pattern recognition, integration of sound and movement, and also group exercises which build age-appropriate social skills and compassion for others.

Her classes are engaging and interactive, integrating movement, puppets, felt board stories, sing-alongs and instrument play with original songs as well as traditional favorites. The classes are delightfully fun and age-appropriate for children of all ages!

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Melita’s music class is sweet, fun and focused. She manages to hold a very calm space while keeping the children thoroughly intrigued with her lovely voice, a variety of whimsical puppets, instruments, and a fun collection of songs. My son keeps asking to go back for more. I have lost track of just how many sessions that we have attended!

-Onika M.

Melita’s music classes are a real treat for everyone. Melita shows amazing enthusiasm and talent for engaging the children (and adults!) in singing, making music, movement, and more. She has such a lovely, charming, almost fairy-like manner, that, combined with her beautiful voice, resonates deeply with children and brings them right into the music with much joy and exuberance. Both of my children have just absolutely loved any kind of musical experience with Melita, be it classes, concerts, or listening to her cds, from pretty much infancy onward. My oldest is eight and still enjoys her music. In fact, Melita has become somewhat of a celebrity in our house. If you have any opportunity to experience music with Melita, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

-Shoshana U.

My son started going to Melita’s music classes at age two, and a year and a half later, he still loves it. The kids dance, sing, play instruments, and listen transfixed to Melita’s felt-board and puppet stories. The class has an intimate, community feel, with each child greeted by name (in song of course). Melita’s music is fun for kids and enjoyable for adults. One of the best kid-centered activities we’ve found in Berkeley!   

                                                                                                                                                                                       – Rebecca B 

Melita is a super star of the kids music scene!  Her eclectic music selection is silly, fun, earthy and magical.  Kids get to dance, play instruments, contribute ideas and have an all around great time.  In our house, we are singing songs we learned with Melita every day. She brings her magical style to kid classics as well as her own material.  Our whole family LOVES Melita’s class!

                                                                                                                                                                                           – Ali S

Melita is an awesome music teacher who my child AND I enjoy! She’s got great music, skills with the kids, and finds the right balance between silly and sweet. I so appreciate all the songs we’ve learned with her, which have become part of our everyday routines. The community around her classes has been an extra bonus for me, always hoping to find more down to earth parents to connect with. Whatever she’s up to – count us in!

                                                                                                                                                                                          – Emily F


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