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Melita and Isaac

Melita Silberstein and Isaac Zones

Two of the Bay Area's premiere children's performers have joined forces to create this inspirational, uplifting album that will speak to parents just as much as it will to kids.  
Melita and Isaac weave together beautiful harmonies, meaningful lyrics, danceable rhythms and engaging classics to get you singing, moving and ultimately put a big smile on your face. The songs reflect respect for the natural world, a peaceful planet, as well as the Jewish culture and heritage.

This album is sure to appeal to lovers of folk music and camp-style sing-alongs,
and will engage people of any age and generation.

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To hear a podcast with Melita and Isaac 
Check out: Good Stuff Kids with Michael Mason

Melita is a music teacher and musician in Berkeley, CA. Alongside teaching (in schools and also out of her home) she is a founding member of two popular Bay Area children’s bands – Octopretzel and Kid Kaleidoscope. Melita has a deep appreciation of nature and animals, children, yoga, health and healing and of course music. She is also the mother of a wonderful 12yr old girl.

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saac is a San Francisco based musician specializing in Jewish, spiritual, folk and family music.  He teaches music classes, leads prayer services, does concerts and performs for weddings and other celebrations.  Isaac has worked many summers at Camp Tawonga, near Yosemite, and plays with a party/simcha band - Shamati.  Before turning to music full-time, Isaac was the founsing director of the Moishe House.  Isaac lives with his partner Vivian Santana and is also passionate about playing sports and being involved in social-justice work.
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Melita and Isaac's music has been selected for distribution through the PJ Libary 
and also won Parents Choice Awards in 2016 and 2018.

My Roots Go Down Info

  1. Hine Ma Tov – Lior Ben Hur
  2. My Roots Go Down – Sarah Pirtle
  3. Narrow Bridge (Gesher Tzar Me’od) – Baruch Chait, words by Rav Nachman of Breslav
  4. If I Had a Hammer – Pete Seeger
  5. Peace Like a River/Sim Shalom – Traditional Gospel
  6. Ken y’hi Ratzon (May It Be So) – Michael Ochs and Daniel Leanse
  7. Ani v’ Ata – Arik Einstein and Miki Gavriolov
  8. Adama v’Shamayim (Earth and Sky) – Modern Traditional
  9. Connected – Melita Silberstein
  10. Weave Me the Sunshine – Peter Yarrow
  11. Ometz Lev (Courage of the Heart) – Isaac Zones
  12. Love Medley Part 1 (Deep Inside My Heart – Modern Traditional
  13. Love Medley Part 2 (Give Yourself to Love) – Kate Wolf
  14. This Pretty Planet – Tom Chapin


Vocals, guitars, and song arrangements by Melita Silberstein and Isaac Zones Mandolin, violin and additional guitar by Dave Rosenfeld,
Percussion by Yari Mander

Recording, mixing, production and various additional instruments by John
Alevizakis, Little Buddha Studio, San Rafael
Songs mastered by Colin Davis
Graphic design – Nur Habib Tiven, Spektre Design
Photos by Rudi Halbright, Halbright Photography

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