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* Need some fun, engaging videos for your baby, toddler or preschooler? 

* Want some sweet and wholesome entertainment for car rides, airplane trips, or sick days at home?


These ‘Music Time With Melita’ videos will not only entertain your child, but is also a learning tool – you and your child can learn new tunes, better understand musical dynamics, and get more familiar with songs in some other languages.

Melita has been a preschool music specialist for a very long time and has developed a true passion for engaging young children with music.
Below you will find

1) access to her Facebook Live music classes that started in March, and
2) two videos of Melita in action at a couple of her preschools 


Facebook Live Streamed Classes
These are classes that Melita started up when ‘shelter in place’ came into effect.
Each week she did a number of different classes, that were streamed live to kids all over.  These classes include lots of fun songs, stories, and PUPPETS! 

Some testimonials

“Shoshana and Miri LOVE your virtual class! (And you’re saving my life). THANK YOU “

“Another beautiful experience this morning, Melita. You can’t possibly know what a gift these classes have been for Talia — and for me.”

“This was SO great today! Kids loved it, and it was so wonderful I was kind of choked up the whole class. Melita is such a gem. Please check it out if you have littles and want something to do during the day.”

“As soon as the welcome song starts, Kaliana’s face lights up with a smile so bright it melts me every time. So much love!!! You are truly gifted and have such a lovely, positive energy for little ones, and I couldn’t recommend these classes more!!!”

Hi Melita (and Snail).  This is just a note of gratitude. We started watching your live music shows in the second week and they have become my daughter’s favorite thing in life. She talks about you all the time (though the old oak tree puppet with the mushroom is her favorite) and your music brings her to life in a way nothing else has since everything changed. Thank you so much. My husband and I have already decided to hire you for a future birthday party.


Week 1 – 5 classes $25Buy Now
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Week 4 – 2 classes $10Buy Now
Week 5 – 2 classes $10Buy Now
Week 6 – 2 classes $10Buy Now
Month-Long Series (8 music classes PLUS 2 Tot Shabbat Services) $40Buy Now



4 Week Interactive Zoom Class Series

 July 10, 17, 24 & 31
$60 for series
Please email me at if interested



Filmed Preschool Classes with Kids

See Melita’s classes in action with preschool-age kids in these two videos.  The classes are roughly twenty minutes long, and were filmed in preschools in Berkeley, CA. 
Purchase links below videos (at the bottom of the page)



Check out some snippets of the FB live classes as well as from preschool classes below

Turn the World Around

Music with Melita

Music with Melita Online Classes for Kids

Music with Melita Online Kids Classes

Online Music Classes with Melita

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