Folk & Original Music

Melita is a true leader in the current world of spiritual musicians. Melita’s songs inspire a profound cosmic connection, while offering a humble and lived road map to healing. They uplift, soothe, and remind the weary human traveller of Source and Beauty. Every aspect of your being and your life will be nourished by these songs.

Rachel K.


Melita’s songs are the cosmic lullabies that every baby should have sung to them upon entering the world. Her music is the orientation to being a human that you never got when you were born. Her songs are balm for the spirit.

Alexis L.


Melita’s music is gift – medicine for the heart, mind, and spirit. In this time of planetary shifting, she offers hope and inspiration, a fresh perspective on reality. Melita invites us to open to the beauty of the moment and let life become our teacher. This CD is a must have for every spiritual seeker, parent, child, and human being!

Kara Z.


You can’t put Melita in a box. Her music is folk-fairy-roots-gospel-traditional-innovative and wonderful! It is music for almost any occasion, for sweethearts, for family, for children, and adults of any age. She crosses boundaries and comes from her heart.

Jessica Ezra

Pre-Natal and Post-Partem Yoga Instructor

Melita’s spirit and voice bring joy and magic to whatever she does-audio, live, or her sold out music classes. Her disc “Delicate Web” has been my kids and our family’s favorite for years now; for a while it was the ONLY thing they wanted to hear! There is a timeless, captivating and universal spirit about her music that has you singing along, whether you know the words or not.

Her live shows are super sweet, attention grabbing, and groovin’…there is a reason she has such a loyal following of parents and kids in the East Bay.

Kim Hoffman

Mama of 3

Melita is a MAJORLY talented songstress with one very sweet voice and excellent backup personnel. I have to coin a new genre for a good deal of her material: it is a seamless blend of Celtic and Mediterranean, two “traditional” international folk genres that in her hands seem to be “made for eachother”. I call it Celtic/Mediterranean Folk. She makes it sound like it’s been in vogue forever, yet I cannot actually think of anyone else whose sound is similar. Early Pentangle comes to mind, but its not quite that either… Folks, this is the mark of songwriting genius! Her CD, “Delicate Web” has a total of sixteen songs, and there is no filler here. Every song is a gorgeous work of poetic and songwriting art. She appears to be a “well kept secret”, and I hope in my own small way to help change that.

Van Casey

Melita’s music is sweet and soulful with organic rhythms and playful rhymes. Listening will take you on a global journey over mystical mountains and spacious seas.

Eric Fenster

Co-Owner of Gather Restaurant, Berkeley

Kids Music

Both of my kids are crazy about Octopretzel, and it has quickly become the classroom favorite at my daughter’s pre-school. The teachers can’t believe the positive effect the upbeat and playful music is having on the children. Earth Dream Lullabies, on the other hand, is what we put on while my kids are getting ready for bed. The soothing and dreamy lyrics and melodies provide all of us with a magical transition that lulls my kids into a deep slumber and provides me with a nightly meditation on the wonder of being alive.

Jenni Joyner

Psychotherapist, Writer

Nothing makes me happier than hearing my two children singing their hearts out in the back seat of the car along with the Octopretzel CD. They know all the words, and they just sound so sweet together. Then I took my 3-year-old to our first Octopretzel concert. The five-part harmonies brought tears to my eyes. Melita has a special gift with children, and it spills right on over to adults, as well.

Debbie Bamberger

Nurse Practitioner

Melita is a rock star in our household. Our 3 year old twin girls spend much of their play time listening to the octopretzel CD and creating pretend music class with their animals all lined up in a circle. They take turns “being” melita, their beloved music teacher with the “chocolate hair”. As a parent, I love watching how my children take the songs and rhymes they do with melita and bring them into their daily life. I also am a personal fan of her classes and concerts. I secretly know all the words on the octopretzel CD and can be found humming them to myself at all hours of the day. In short, melita is a wonderful performer, teacher and musician.

Emily Lloyd

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Melita is a masterful singer, songwriter, storyteller, and has a way with kids that is totally engaging and delightful. I don’t know who is a bigger fan, my son or me!

Andrea Scher

Life Coach, Photographer and Writer

Jewish Music

Melita and Isaac have such beautiful and soulful sound that I knew I wanted to ask them to support my daughter Ilana with their music, for her bat mitzvah service. What ended up happening was beyond what we could have hoped for: they joined with our spiritual leader Julie Batz, and our musician Jhos Singer, to play songs that were incredibly moving to us and our community. Our daughter Ilana was very nervous, and I am certain that the talents and presence of Melita and Isaac were an important part of Ilana feeling safe and able to shine and enjoy her own service. We thank them and highly recommend them!

Joanna B.

Melita has helped lead Tot Shabbat services at Temple Isaiah for years, and we love having her! She has such a warm, friendly, welcoming demeanor, and we love her beautiful voice, her interactive songs, and the way she uses scarves and other props to enhance the music. It’s wonderful having Melita lead music at Tot Shabbat!

Nicki Greninger

Rabbi, Temple Isaiah, Lafayette


Melita’s music classes are a real treat for everyone. Melita shows amazing enthusiasm and talent for engaging the children (and adults!) in singing, making music, movement, and more. She has such a lovely, charming, almost fairy-like manner, that, combined with her beautiful voice, resonates deeply with children and brings them right into the music with much joy and exuberance. Both of my children have just absolutely loved any kind of musical experience with Melita, be it classes, concerts, or listening to her cds, from pretty much infancy onward. My oldest is eight and still enjoys her music. In fact, Melita has become somewhat of a celebrity in our house. If you have any opportunity to experience music with Melita, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Shoshanna Uribe


Melita makes all the parents and kids feel welcome, creative, and ready to jam! The class never feels didactic, but we have all learned songs that we enjoy as a family.

Kate MacGlashan


My son started going to Melita’s music classes at age two, and a year and a half later, he still loves it. The kids dance, sing, play instruments, and listen transfixed to Melita’s felt-board and puppet stories. The class has an intimate, community feel, with each child greeted by name (in song of course). Melita’s music is fun for kids and enjoyable for adults. One of the best kid-centered activities we’ve found in Berkeley!

Rebecca Brams

Melita’s class is sweet, fun and focused. She manages to hold a very calm space while keeping the children thoroughly intrigued with her lovely voice, a variety of whimsical puppets, insruments, and a fun collection of songs. My son keeps asking to go back for more. I have lost track of just how many sessions that we have attended!

Onika Mann

Melita has a lovely voice and her music is thoroughly engaging to kids of all ages (and adults too, for that matter). It has been a pleasure to see my little guy enjoy her classes at each stage of his development and it always makes me smile when he busts out singing one of the songs he learned from Melita. Here is a pic of us having fun with the “stick song” at home…

Lela Bachrach

Melita and her music have been an important part of our curriculum since the preschool began. The children and teachers all look forward eagerly to her weekly visits. We all enjoy singing and dancing with her. Her repertoire always includes Hebrew and English and helps adds a great dimension to holidays and year-round celebration.

Ruth Levitch

Preschool Director, Congregation Netivot Shalom, Berkeley

Melita has been teaching music at The Lake School for almost 3 years now. Melita teaches all classes from our youngest 3’s to our big TK class 5-year-olds, all the kids love the time spent with Melita, they are engaged, moving their bodies and singing new and familiar songs. Melita exposes the children to different cultures in her lessons, which we appreciate. many of the songs have a subtext of respect and love for the earth around us. We are lucky to have such a great music teacher.

Osnat Shlain

Preschool Director, The Lake School, Oakland

Melita offers a fun and well-balanced music class, with opportunities for children to give ideas, move, sing, and play musical instruments. She has that ‘just right’ formula of active participation and listening times, and she works to incorporate the children’s interests into her program. Our 3-5 year olds enjoy our classes with Melita!

Kathy Clark

Lead Teacher at El Cerrito Preschool Co-op

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