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Gaia Girls Program


Gaia Girls Passages

Thriving Girls Become Whole Women!


Is your girl starting to fly further from the nest?
Is she starting to ask the deeper and harder questions about life?
Are social dynamics with peers increasingly important for her?
Are you noticing her body changing and she looks less like a
little girl?

Often age 9 is when girl's attention moves from family to the greater world. She may begin to lose a secure sense of self and her unique and powerful voice. This is when having mentorship and connecting to the earth becomes critically important to her healthy growth. Gaia girls supports you and your daughter as she walks the bridge between childhood and adolescence with awareness and grace.

Earth connection: Earth skills and nature awareness are core to Gaia Girls. When your daughter is connected to the earth, she is connected to herself. Group dynamics vs. individuality: We will be setting a culture of kindness and mutual support, while gently teaching your daughter how to stay true to herself within a larger group dynamic. Supporting healthy development: Provides a framework of simple, shame-free language and understanding so that you and your daughter can talk about the changes she is going through.


Creative arts: Art projects that encourage self-expression and playful exploration. This includes guest aunties who will bring movement forms and improvisational theatre.

Aunties and elders: A chance for your daughter to have the support of a group of women who are caring and inspiring role models. Your daughter will be in good hands with her mentors and visiting aunties!

Mama bear support: Moms will participate on special days with the girls. A three part series for moms teaches a variety of loving techniques to help you gently aid your daughter's transition into adolescence.

"One of the most troubling things about raising a daughter is watching her confront the climate of competition and rivalry in girl culture. Transforming this dynamic takes conscious, mindful intention, and that is what I see as the most important gift of Gaia girls. I see Gaia Girls culture helping her to negotiate difficult relationships at school; teaching her to seek out a culture of sisterly support, instead of damaging competition." –Monica Long, mother of Naiya

Sarai Shapiro: Sarai has been running and working with girls-only wilderness rites-of-passage groups since 2007. She has a background in education, music, art, herbal medicine and healing arts. She is currently Youth Director for Wilderness Torah and founder of Gaia Girls Passages.

Melita Silberstein: Melita holds a degree from Naropa University in eco-psychology. She is a certified early childhood educator, and has worked extensively with young children. She is a music specialist and lead singer in the Bay Area kids' band, Octopretzel, and is the mother of a 9yr old girl.

Contact or call 510-508-7107 for more information

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