Kids Music

Earth Dream Lullabies

An album of beautifully vivid, lovingly crafted songs filled with deep meaning and a sense of wonder. Soothing, dreamy and playful lullabies about the earth, moon, sun, ocean, and the forces that unite all beings on our planet.
Recorded in 2009

Octopretzel: Inspiraled

A collection of beautifully engaging, fun and creative songs, the newest CD from my band for children, Octorpetzel, Themes range from imagination, to animals, to stars, to instruments, and lots more! We weave together traditional folk songs with fun new twists, original creations with a folky familiarity, and a range of rich musical styles that will keep you interested and wanting more! 2015

Octopretzel – If I Were A Song…

Creative, fun, silly and sweet. Rich vocal and instrumental blends, originals by my band, Octopretzel plus some folk traditionals. We really put our heart and soul into this album! Recorded in 2011

Shirei Gan Shalom – Songs in the Garden

An album of engaging, entertaining, and educational songs with a Jewish/Hebrew focus. For people of all ages, and especially great for kids. Inspired by my daughter’s beloved preschool, Gan Shalom, in Berkeley, CA. Recorded in 2010


A fun, engaging and upbeat folk album with a bluegrass twist. Traditional and original songs that will get the whole family up and dancing together! Recorded in 2008. Digital copy only.

Kid Kaleidoscope; Look Inside

Kid Kaleidoscope is another great band for kids and families, a group I have been a part of for 10 years. Kid Kaleidoscope is a favorite children’s music collective based in the Bay Area. Classic songs from our first album The Adventures of Kid Kaleidoscope have become all time favorites in the kids music world. “Look Inside” is another big hit. Whimsical, ecological and educational themes inform the music. And parents LOVE it too. Recorded in 2011

The Adventures of Kid Kaleidoscope

Kid Kaleidoscope’s first album. Fun and Groovy tunes for the kid in everyone. A classic! Recorded in 2001

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