Mystic Folk Music

One Story

A collection of all-new original songs… each a unique expression that stems from my personal journey, and yet ultimately reaches into the unfolding collective experience that we all share in these tumultuous yet fertile times…

The music spans a range of musical genres, from acoustic/melodic folk to bluegrass to soulful electronica. Songs that have the potential to connect with people of all ages and life stages across diverse musical preferences.

“One story, one rhythm, one pulse, one force, one vision…
One origin, one destiny, one fow, one source… One Story”
~ from the title track of One Story

Light Within

An album of prayerful, melodic and heart-ful songs, that span time and space. Mostly original, some I learned under the stars and around a fire, and re-interpreted in my own sound and style. Truly an offering, I hope you are as nourished by these songs as a listener as I was recording them.

Delicate Web

An eclectic compilation of acoustic folk music, ethnic instrumentation, contemporary rhythms, dreamy harmonies, soothing lullabies, playful melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and overall positive vibrations. Guaranteed to uplift and inspire! Recorded in 2007

Songs of Earth and Spirit

A compilation of songs from nine different albums that I either produced or collaborated on, recorded over a span of twelve years. Sweet and soulful melodies, raw and rhythmic chants, and heartfelt singer-songwriter originals. Compiled in 2011.


Shalem, which means “wholeness” in Hebrew, is a raw and un-produced, heartfelt album of original songs. Recorded in 2000.

Hummingbird Hollow

An album created by myself and my former partner, David. Recorded in 2003.

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