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Melita loves to use puppets as a way to engage children in a different way. Puppets can sometimes draw kids out who might be shy or withdrawn and they have a way of connecting kids both to their emotions and their imagination.

Melita uses lots of puppets as well as felt boards in her classes and at birthday parties. She also often collaborates with her longtime friend and band mate Jennifer Altman, who is a professional puppeteer. Jen uses various techniques to handcraft her own puppets and puppet stages. ‘Raizel the Camel’ is a long time band member of Octopretzel!

Jen and Melita are available as a duo combining music and puppets into a super fun and entertaining show and are happy to weave in various themes to fit the event.

They also have put together incredible shows of puppets and music that they have perfected over the years for each one of the Jewish holidays. These work well as duo shows, or other Octopretzel band members can join for a more full-band sound.

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