On Demand Virtual Classes

  • Have you found it difficult to find quality programs online for your young child?
  • Have you noticed that much of the music out there for kids is overly exaggerated, commercialized, and mostly annoying?
  • Are you a parent who sometimes needs the convenience of screen time for your child but you want that experience to feel educational, engaging and enriching?

My name is Melita, and I have been a music specialist for young children for almost twenty years. During this time I have worked as a music and movement teacher in numerous preschools, Kindergartens, camps, libraries, synagogues, and other venues for kids and families. I regularly offer in-person programs, class series’ and events for children in the Bay Area.

Over the past few years I expanded my class offerings to online platforms, and although I am back to mostly teaching in person, I hear from countless parents that their child still regularly watches my classes from the past three years.

Virtual Classes & Endless Fun

Even though it is not a live experience, your child will still have the experience of being in a group of kids, and will have the opportunity to sing along, dance along, and do all the activities along with the other children in the class.

Each class series includes:

  • Original and traditional songs that are easy to learn
  • Puppet friends
  • Opportunities for your children to jam along on instruments at home
  • Engaging stories
  • And also some fun animation!

Don’t Miss Out!

My recorded Zoom classes are now available to watch in your own time.

Class Series #1


Class Series #2


Class Series #3


Rave Reviews by Parents

S. Cooper

My daughter still watches your classes from winter and fall last year, she’s completely engaged and inspired!! You are truly amazing with your way of teaching!! Your recorded classes are the only form of “screen time” that she does!

The influence you are in my daughter’s life is so huge, I don’t even know where to start. She sometimes gathers all her instruments and puts on a concert for her stuffies. And she’ll do things as though she’s teaching a music class that are so convincing…Invite them to sing along, tell them “don’t be shy,” invite them to come off mute it’s amazingly entertaining for us!!!! Thanks for doing you so wonderfully and generously. We’re so grateful for you!!!

J. Levy

Our son, and the whole family, LOVED Melita’s online classes! She is so engaging, warm and fun. We all love Melita’s music and her presence, which comes through even from 3000 miles away.

J. Greenwood

My daughters adored Melita’s online classes. They were fun and engaging and my daughters always wanted them to last longer. It was also great to be able to just hop on the computer rather than having to drag my kids to another location. In fact, my kids still sing the songs they learned from Melita!

A Little More About Me

I am the founding member of the popular Bay Area band for kids, Octopretzel. I have released several albums for children which are all streamable online under “Octopretzel”, “Melita and Isaac”, “Melita Doostan and Octopretzel” and “Melita”.

I have a degree in Eco-psychology and a certification in Early Childhood Development. I was a preschool teacher for many years, and I am trained in several modalities of early education including Music Together, Orff Shulwerk, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia.

I truly love working with children, and I believe that it is important to offer content to kids that is not only entertaining, but age-appropriate, high quality, and nourishing to the soul.