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Light Within

As some of you reading this may know, I have been a performing musician in the Bay Area for many years.
  For the last long while, my efforts have been mostly in the realm of children’s music.  I have worked as a music specialist in schools and was a founding member of the now beloved Bay Area band, Octopretzel.  I have so loved the opportunity to connect with children and parents through music.  And this will continue, though this album represents another part of me that has felt important to incorporate
and integrate into my life.

These songs span time and space – some I wrote this year, others years ago.
  Some come from deep within my heart, and some were songs I learned around a fire and under the stars, on the other side of the globe.  To me, they represent different chapters of my life, and in their own way tell a story to the listener.  I hope you enjoy them!

I had the great blessing to invite many friends to play on this album, vocalists such as Isaac Zones, whom I have previously collaborated with on other projects, Human of the Human Revolution, the awesome Byron Bay artist Chad Wilkins, David Doostan of Octopretzel fame, and my dear friends
Tali Weinberg and Sarai Shapiro.

Instrumentalists include Eliyahu Sills of the world music ensemble, Bolo, Rick Auerbach, Dave Rosenfeld of Kugelplex, and the talented Jonjon Alevizakis who not only played multiple instruments on the album, but also engineered, mixed and mastered it – I could never have done this without his help and expertise.

This album is available for purchase from this website
or for download from CdBaby Here and from Bandcamp Here.
You can also find it on itunes under Melita.

I hope this music is as nourishing for you as a listener, as it was for me to create it!
Some testimonials about Light Within:
“Melita is a true leader in the current world of spiritual musicians. Melita's songs inspire a profound cosmic connection, while offering a humble and lived road map to healing.  They uplift, soothe, and remind the weary human traveller of Source and Beauty.  Every aspect of your being and your life will be nourished by these songs.”
"Melita's songs are the cosmic lullabies that every baby should have sung to them upon entering the world. Her music is the orientation to being a human that you never got when you were born. Her songs are balm for the spirit."
"Melita's music is a gift- medicine for the heart, mind, and spirit. In this time of planetary shifting, she offers hope and inspiration, a fresh perspective on reality. Melita invites us to open to the beauty of the moment and let life become our teacher. This CD is a must have for every spiritual seeker, parent, child, and human being!”
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