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Song Lyrics

Lyrics and some chords to various songs from my albums (alphabetical)...



We share the world with many creatures
Animals have much to teach us
Fin, fur, feather and scale tell to us so many a tale
Of living simply on the earth, naturally giving birth
Eating fruit right from the tree, living lives in harmony

With ocean, jungle, lake and forest
Though they were here long before us
Animals have not forgotten
All the blessings we have gotten from the earth

Now people on the other hand; It’s hard for us to understand
That we share this spinning planet with elephants and rabbits
Zebras, monkeys, ducks and snakes
The world is not just ours to take
Other beings live here too, and now they do depend on you
And all of us to keep our home, clean and safe for all to roam
We must treat the earth with care, for there’s enough for all to share

Maybe you can learn a thing or two
From the dolphins and the whales in the ocean blue
And do you think you could show your care
For the spotted owl or the snowy bear
Be a friend to the horses, cows and birds in the tree
Because each animal is special and unique just like you and me

Apple Tree

Once there was a seed that was buried in the ground
Snug as a bug, so small and round
It came from an apple that had lived on a tree
And when the apples fell they dropped their seeds
It was deep in the soil and all alone, thought to itself
Am I ever gonna grow?

I wanna grow…  From my head down to my toes
I wanna be… I want to become an apple tree


Some clouds rolled in and rain came down
It drizzled and it poured til it wet the ground
Water trickled down til it soaked the seed
Seed grew roots so it could drink what it need to grow


The rain suddenly stopped, sun shone through
Once again the sky turned blue
Light radiated down to the earth
Seed started growing up through the dirt
Stretching…roots down low, Reaching…started to grow

A long time passed, there was a seed no longer
It had grown much bigger and taller and stronger
It now had lots of branches with apples and leaves
And in all the apples were itty bitty seeds

Now I know… What it’s like to grow and grow


Now I see… What it’s like to be a great big apple tree 

Ball of Yarn

Life is like a ball of yarn, with tangled threads and fraying edges
Raw material to make something from, something beautiful, something fun
And even though we may get knotted up from time to time
We must remember that we’re nothing but pieces of twine
And though it’s hard to find the beginning or end,
It’s cause life is a continuum to don’t try to pretend
That we’re separate, cause we’re not, we’re all woven together
In a blanket that will keep us warm in wind or rainy weather
And the string will keep regenerating as we weave our common thread
And will keep on growing bigger til it covers everyone’s bed
And someday we can unravel it when the sun is beating down
And we’ll make something anew like a carpet or a crown
Cause we are the weavers of our destiny
And what we make is up to you and me
What we create is up to you and me

Body Song

I can dance with my body
I can wiggle with my body
I can jump and spin with this thing I’m in

Everybody shake your body with me
I have a body and it fits me so well

It can do lots of things that are nifty and swell
It’s made up of a lot of itty bitty cells
And about it I’ve got a story to tell

I have  a body, it was made just for me
It works better than a car and is more fun than tv
In it is lots of energy
That moves me to play, have fun, and be free

Every living thing has a body you know
Whether you’re an elephant, a monkey or crow
Sometimes they STOP and sometimes they go



Sometimes they go fast and sometimes they go SLOOOOOOW

With my legs I can walk,
And with my arms I can swing
With me nose I can smell
And with my throat I can sing
With my body I can do most anything
I can even pretend that I can fly with wings

Child of the Universe

Here’s a little history of a greater mystery
I have written this story into my own
If it isn’t what you’re used to, but maybe if you choose to
And if it will amuse you, then you’ll sing along

I am as old as the Universe
I have been here before and I’ll be here again
I am a child of the Universe
I am part of all women and part of all men

Once upon a sometime, and once upon a somewhere
And once upon a somehow there was a Big Bang
Energy revolving and energy dissolving
Energy evolving and that’s what I am

I am just a flower that blossoms for an hour
And in me there’s a power that flows on and on
Power in the roots of me, power in the shoots of me
Power in the fruits that will pass my seed on

I am not a nobody, I am not just somebody
I’m a cell in one body filling all space
And everything I would be, and everything I could be
And everything I should be is here in this space



Delicate Web

The sun and the river and the wind and the sand
Are composed of the same elements that make up a man
And a woman and the love that unite them together
Is echoed in the animals, the stones and the weather

We are all connected in a delicate web,
As the flow of the tide is reflected in the ebb
All is emanating from a universal soul
We are inter-linking fragments of the cosmic whole

So may our actions create unity, And may our vision be collective
And may we raise our children mindfully, So that our planet is protected


What happens to a single being happens to us all
As the forest is affected by a single tree fall
Decisions we make now direct the future of this earth
Is it infinite destruction or a conscious rebirth?
We are all connected in a delicate web…

So may the tensions in our differences, Become the poetry we share
And may we recognize humanity, In all people everywhere
This is my prayer…


When it’s time to rest my head, I curl up in my cozy bed
I close my weary eyes, while my mom sings lullabies
My pillow is soft and warm, and pretty soon I am reborn
Into Dreamland, Dreamland

Where a bird with golden wings comes into my room and sings
And carries me up high to a castle in the sky

And I’m greeted there by a woman, with eyes as clear as day
Her hair is flowing rivers, and she’s dressed in the Milky Way
She takes my hand in her hand, and offers me a seed
It swirls with many colors and swells with possibility

She says plant this seed in your imagination
Expose it to lots of love and tender care
Nurture it with creativity and inspiration
And water it with all the goodness that you can share

And a seed will start to grow, that only you can see
It will grow roots in your conscience and its branches will reach to me
It’s blossoms will give you courage, and it’s fruits will give you hope
It will be a source of strength for you as you grow

I looked down at the magic seed, and when I looked up she was gone
I could hear the sound of flapping wings as my golden friend returned
The journey was not long, and the next thing that I knew
I was home again in my cozy bed in the darkness of my room

And the bird sang one last lilting song and then
flew off into the first light of dawn
And it’s melodies became hazy words in the symphony of morning birds

I opened up my eyes and I squinted into the light
What a strange and hazy dream that I had last night
I felt something in my hand, it was something small and round
When I looked I saw a little seed that I just could not remember where I had found

I Am


I awaken, with tears running down my cheeks
Carried by the songs of a distant land in my dreams
And I am not afraid to burn down to nothing
Let the fire transform me
Let my ashes feed the soil

And I am running with the waves
I am rising with the smoke from the flames
I am the rustling of the reeds
I am the shadow of the moon
I am the newborn baby’s quiet croon
I am the courage of the trees
I am the soldier with a gun
I am the child that was born to run
I am the whisper of the wind

I am the frost in early spring
I am the pirate that has learned to sing
I am the breath in everything

The breath…
The first and the last to leave your lips
You can feel me
I am magic in your fingertips
Breathe me in deeply that you may know my soul
Unfold me like a many-petaled rose

Jenny Jenkins

I'll buy me a fold-a-roll to cool, to call, to seek, a double-use-a-cause a roll to find me
Roll, Jenny Jenkins roll

Ladybug Dreams

A flower petal makes a nice cozy bed

For a ladybug to rest her head
When she gets tired of flying in the sky
She falls upon a petal and closes her eyes
Ladybug dreams of sweet many things
Of black spots and polka dots and fluttering wings
Of blades of grass and sunny days and flowers in spring
Oh lady lady ladybug dreams
A flower petal makes a delicious lunch
For a caterpillar who gives it a munch
Imagine eating a meal that’s bigger than you
Well, that’s just what caterpillars do
Caterpillar, not much of a killer
Doesn’t like to harm worms, mosquitoes, ants or fleas
He’s a fuzzy forty-legged vegetarian
Who would rather have a meal of petals and leaves
A flower petal makes a beautiful dress
For a fairy at a party when she wants to impress
She sprinkles on some magic dust and fastens on a feather
And grabs the hands of all her friends and they all get together
In a fairy ring, what a beautiful thing
When you find one in the forest it will make you want to sing
In flower petal gown s the guests are lovely as can be
At the elvin ball underneath the Maplewood tree
A flower petal can be used in many ways
As a bed or as food instead and on fancy holidays
There are multiple uses for everything we see
And to find out what they are just use your creativity

Moon Song
Moon, moon silver moon I will come to greet you soon
In my slumber I will climb upon your beams of light

Moon, moon peaceful moon, sing to me your gentle tune
Rock me softly as I climb upon your beams so bright
Moon, moon powerful moon, Tugging at the ocean blue
Coaxing waves that crash upon the sandy beaches white
Moon, moon mystery moon, Waxing full and waning new
Growing and receding with the passing of each night
Moon, moon sister moon, I am changing just like you
I am ever growing with the passing of each night



In a rainstorm, I can’t see behind the clouds
Though the sun continues to burn

You’re a light beam that will always find me
Through the shadows that often blind me
Your love for me is the light toward which I turn
And I see your reflection in the raindrops coming down
Each one a mirror, a myriad of color dancing around me

 As I walk through the fields soaked with golden rainbows
I hear the wind as it rushes past my ears
And your voice rides on the gusty gales
A whisper perched on billowed sails
Guiding me through waterfalls of tears
And I see your reflection in the raindrops coming down
I feel you washing over me, and I sense you all aroundYou inspire me to grow and you nourish me so like the raindrops so sweet
Each one a mirror of love that you reflect to me
When I wake up and I see you I just want to hold you near
Even with our differences our destiny is clear
You are the one who understands my deepest longings, hopes and fears
I can’t imagine life without you here
So I gather for you some flowers from the field
Watercolor daydreams of the way you make me feel
You shower me with your affection and I believe that our connection’s
The one thing in my life I know is real
And I see your reflection…

Roly Poly
I’m a roly poly and I live on the ground
I move real slow and I barely make a sound
I have lots and lots of legs that are tiny and black
And when I’m feeling hungry I have aphids for a snack
**Holy Moly I’m a Roly Poly
I curl into a ball so you can’t see me at all
When I get scared I make myself real small
But when I’m feelin alright then I stretch out and crawl **2 bars of 8 instrumental
I’m a roly poly, I am oval and gray
You can hold me in your hand and if
you’re gentle we can play
I have lots of friends, you can find us in your yard
Our insides are soft and our outsides are hard
Holy Moly I’m a Roly Poly…
I’m a roly poly, such an interesting bug
I’m bigger than an ant and I am smaller than a slug
The next time you see me when you’re out for a stroll
You can curl up tight like me and Roll
Holy Moly I’m a Roly Poly...



O Lord prepare me to be a Sanctuary
Pure and holy, tried and true
And with Thanksgiving, I’ll be a living
Sanctuary for you

O Lord I know that we need your presence
To inspire us and uphold
The foundation of every nation
Big and small, Young and old

O Lord I thank you for this life I’m living
All my joys and all my sorrows
For with each day that I am given                
My faith in you only grows

O lord please guide me and walk beside me
To a land of grace and song                                 
And when we get there please remind me
That we've been here all along

Tasuli, tasuli migdash
V'shachanti b'tocham





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