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Melita Music

My Village

Vir McCoy and VirTunes:  Vir is an awesome co-collaborator in music - both for kids and adults.  His music spans many genres from funk to devotional to comedy.
Sarita and the Vaudevillians Stage Troupe:  Sarita is the other lead singer in my band, Octopretzel.  VaST is her theater troupe for 5-15 year olds in the East Bay --
Jen Miriam Kantor: percussionist and puppeteer extraordinaire --
Dave Rosenfeld and Kugelplex: Dave plays mandolin on my albums and in Octopretzel --

DeNoise: mastering and cd duplication --
Ben Krames and Jungleshack Music: this is where I recorded Delicate Web and Earth Dream Lullabies --
Kid Kaleidoscope: very groovy kids' tunes --
Shimshai and the Natural Mystic Ensemble:
Mystical music by a gifted artist.  You can hear my vocal contribution on his latest cd, "Alianza"
Terry Silberstein and the Art of Online Marketing: My sister Terry designed my website --
Eliyahu and Qadim: Eliyahu is the flute player on most of my albums --
Andrea Scher and Super Hero Designs: Andrea took some of the photos on this website, including the ones on the front page.  She is an artist, witer, and leads inspiring workshops --
Orange Sherbet: sweet and creative kids' music by a Bay Area duo --
Ahri Golden and Thin Air Media: audio documentaries about empowered birth and parenting --
Jay Golden: story teller of our times --
Speesees: cute and comfortable organic clothing for kids --
Emily Butterfly: super talented artist, performer and puppeteer --
Jenny Overman: spoken word --
Afikomen Bookstore: Judaica bookstore in Berkeley --
Ya Elah: Balkan music --
Hamsa Lila:
Jessica Ezra yoga:
Om Gaia Tree clothing: fun and funky clothes for women --
Tinctoria Designs: everyone asks me where I get my flowy pants.  This is another one of my favorites --
 A Toy Garden: natural, Waldorf-inspired toys and music --

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