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Press Releases

Earth Dream Lullabies Press Release

"Earth Dream Lullabies"
Eco-lullabies inspire kids to grow up green
Melita Doostan's soothing songs help children wake up to the wonder of the natural world

BERKELEY, CA-Common to every culture, lullabies are sung to put children to sleep, but on her new CD Earth Dream Lullabies: Soothing Songs for an Awakening Generation, Melita Doostan uses the time-honored musical tradition to wake kids up to the wonder of the natural world and the importance of growing up green.

“‘Earth Dream Lullabies is perfect for parents who want their children to grow up green,” shares Melita. “The wonder of the natural world is all too often forgotten in our fast-paced Western way of life. I created ‘Earth Dream Lullabies’ to inspire in children of all ages a sense of the sacred in nature and evoke a feeling of awe for the mystery of the Universe and our place in it.”  

Blending harmonic vocals that can best be described as heavenly with ancient acoustic instruments including the bamboo flute, African xylophone, tablas, mandolin, and classical guitar, Melita’s melodic voice is a gentle reminder of the dreamlike reality of childhood.

“Earth Dream Lullabies” features the little-known full length version of the perennial children’s classic “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” an adaptation of Peter, Paul and Mary’s folk song “Bamboo,” a Yiddish lullaby, a Hebrew blessing, and a soothing set of original songs that celebrate the earth, ocean, moon, sun and universal cycles that unite all life.

In an original song simply titled “Animals,” Melita refers to endangered owls and polar bears with lyrics that lovingly remind children to consider other creatures as their planetary partners.  In another titled “Ocean,” she sings about the elemental truth that all life emerged from that watery world.  “Air, Flame, Soil & Sea” is a musical meditation on what Melita says is “the simple fact that we are all made of the same stuff.”

Artists on "Earth Dream Lullabies" include Shimshai on vocals and Peruvian flute, world music chart topper Eliyahu Sills on flute and bass, Kugelplex’s David Rosenfeld on violin and mandolin, Aharon Bolstaon tablas, Men’s Story Project-founder Josie Lehreron back-up vocals, Melita’s husband David Doostan on vocal harmonies, and their 4-year-old daughter Leilah on a surprising and sweet a capella vocal.  The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Ben Krames of Jungleshack Studios.

“Earth Dream Lullabies” is available online through iTunes, CD Baby,, and environmentally-conscious children’s boutiques such asA Toy Garden and The Ark Toy Company.

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About Melita Doostan

Thanks to what she calls “a creatively encouraging family,” Melita started learning piano at age 4, writing songs at 9, playing clarinet at 10, and teaching herself guitar at 15.  In her late teens, she made her first recording titled “Exist Dance,” a set of solo guitar songs that she says marked the beginning of her interest in nature and spirituality.

After studying anthropology at the University of Texas at Austin, Melita transferred to the Buddhist-inspired Naropa University and majored in Ecopsychology, an education that has informed and inspired her musical career. While still in school, Melita was gifted time in a professional studio and recorded her second CD “Shalem,” a set of deeply thoughtful original songs narrating her journey of self-discovery.  Melita later went on to earn accreditation as an early childhood educator, and teach at a Waldorf-inspired Jewish pre-school in Berkeley, California.

Following a six-month study sabbatical to Israel, and her first Rainbow Gathering in Montana, Melita fell naturally into Northern California’s emerging conscious music community.  When she and other San Francisco Bay Area musicians and puppeteers turned an old movie theatre into a recording studio for a week, the result was “The Adventures of Kid Kaleidoscope,” a rootsy, psychedelic, fun-loving, consciousness-raising album of original songs for children of all ages.  The group performed for years at festivals and benefits including the Oregon Country Fair, the Harmony Festival, Earthdance, and Salmon Aid, and reunite annually to play at Google’s Halloween Extravaganza in Mountainview, California.

In 2003, Melita married ER doctor and fellow musician David Doostan.  Before saying their vows and setting out on a six-month journey through Europe and Asia, the couple created “Hummingbird Hollow,” a CD recorded as a gift for their wedding guests that Melita credits with launching her professional music career.

Melita then performed for three years with the all-female acoustic ensemble Ya Elah, directed by Bon Singer, former director of the acclaimed Balkan a capella group Kitka, and appeared on the group’s 2004 CD “Each of Us” produced by Grammy-nominated guitarist Alex de Grassi.  During this time, Melita also performed and recorded with Hamsa Lila, a San Francisco-based world fusion band, now a catalyst of Northern California’s conscious music scene.

Following the birth of her daughter Leilah in 2005, Melita envisioned an album merging many of the genres that had attracted her: children’s music, singer-songwriter originals, meditative chants, psalms and lullabies.  What emerged was “Delicate Web,” an eclectic compilation of acoustic folk music, ethnic instrumentation, contemporary rhythms, dreamy harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics.  Producer Ben Krames encouraged Melita to turn two of the songs in a folk-pop direction, and her work took an unexpected and innovative turn.

Melita’s interest in children’s music grew along with her daughter, and soon she put her work as an educator together with her love of music.  In 2006 she began teaching music throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and currently works as a music specialist at various organizations for children, such as Studio Grow in Berkeley, Sadiedey’s and Play Café in Oakland, and PJ Library events throughout Northern California.  She works in a number of schools, among them Beth El Nursery School, Gan Shalom Pre-school, Happy Baby Small School, and Congregations Netivot Shalom School.  She also runs a music school from her home for parents and children.  Using puppets and an array of acoustic instruments, she inspires kids to discover their creative spark through song, story, movement, and dance.

In her work to advance the eco-kids movement, Melita has performed for and partnered with Speesees, a nationally acclaimed San Francisco-based company offering fair trade and organic children’s clothing options for the growing global market of green parents.

In 2007, Melita founded Octopretzel, a whimsical bluegrass-inspired folk band for kids, whose highly-spirited shows regularly generate “kiddie mosh pits” at well-known music venues in the Bay Area, such as Ashkenaz in Berkeley, the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Marin, and La Peña Cultural Center in Oakland. Octopretzel recorded their first album in 2008, and continues to generate a vibrant and diverse following in Northern California.   They have shared the stage with other popular kids’ bands such asOrange Sherbet and thePutumayo favorite,Asheba.

Over the course of her colorful and unconventional career, Melita has performed or recorded with conscious music artists including Shimshai, Donna DeLory, MJ GreenMountain, Eliyahu Sills, Rocker T, Bon Singer, Alisa Fineman, Tim Rayborn, Sarita Pockell and Tina Malia.  She has been invited to perform at festivals including the Harmony Festival, Green Festival, and Oregon Country Fair and is a local favorite at Bay Area venues including Cayuga Vault in Santa Cruz, The Julia Morgan Young People’s Performing Arts Center in Berkeley and the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito.

Earth Dream Lullabies Press Release


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