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Bay Area Discovery Museum
"Octopretzel creates engaging music which inspires curiosity, imagination and awareness of the magical world we live in. It is a danceable, singable and super fun experience for kids of all ages."
- Discovery Museum newsletter, Sausalito, CA (
Mothering Magazine
“Mother, singer and songwriter, Melita Doostan, weaves a sweet, harmonious blend of sounds on her cd. The songs employ a variety of instruments, tones and styles, all highlighted with Melita's uplifting vocals. This is a welcome alternative to "kiddie music" yet is truly a collection the whole family can enjoy.”
- Mothering Magazine (
Raising Maine
"Music is another way for kids to learn about the environment and how to take care of it. Catchy songs stay with us long after the albums have stopped being played, which is one reason why music is such a great learning tool... If you are looking for a soothing goodnight CD, "Earth Dream Lullabies," by Melita Doostan, is an absolutely beautiful collection of songs about the earth, the moon and the ocean." - Raising Maine: Where Moms Learn, Share and Connect (
Northern Mama
"This lullaby CD is unlike others I’ve heard and blends the restfulness of lullabies with uplifting natural rhythms and content which heightens awareness. Melodic and soothing, Melita’s voice is mystic and dreamlike and harmonic vocals combine with ancient acoustic instruments produce a sound reminiscent of humanity’s ancient connectiveness to the environment and the abundance of earth’s bounty."
-Northern Mama Blogspot (
Ross Valley Reporter
"Whether you catch them in person or on disc, ”Octopretzel” is a charming group guaranteed to amuse toddlers through G-rated atmosphere, effervescent fun and enchanting music."
- Woody Weingarten, Ross Valley Reporter (
The Jewish News Weekly, Bay Area
"Get folksy: Local group Octopretzel will perform a free sing-along concert for kids and families. In this show, the folk and bluegrass band's songs will cover Judaism, nature and feelings."
-The J Weekly
The Hour.CA
"Given that children are wonderfully receptive to brainwashing, Berkeley-based world-folk musician (and former "ecopsychology" major) Melita Doostan has combined her three passions - music, munchkins and maintaining planet Earth - on a new CD for kids titled Earth Dream Lullabies: Soothing Songs for an Awakening Generation (available on iTunes, CD Baby etc.). "I created Earth Dream Lullabies to inspire in children of all ages a sense of the sacred in nature and evoke a feeling of awe for the mystery of the universe and our place in it," says Doostan. "Earth Dream Lullabies is perfect for parents who want their children to grow up green." Possible side effect: They may grow up hippie too. (JOM)" :)
- The Hour CA "Give the Kids an Ecopsychological Xmas"(
Hot Indie News: Indie Resource for Movies, Music, Politics, and more...
"Common to every culture, lullabies are sung to put children to sleep, but on her new CD Earth Dream Lullabies: Soothing Songs for an Awakening Generation, Melita Doostan uses the time-honored musical tradition to wake kids up to the wonder of the natural world and the importance of growing up green."
- Hot Indie News: "Eco-Lullabies Inspire Kids to Grow Up Green(
"Wow. what a wonderful time we had with everyone at our first speesees presents... event. octopretzel had us all jumpin' + dancin' around (+ stop!) with joy. thanks again to them + all the speesees (big + small) that came out to play with us."
-Rachel Pearson, founder and owner of Speesees, a nationally acclaimed San Francisco-based company offering fair trade and organic children’s clothing (
***click here to see the slideshow of this show!
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