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Shirei Gan Shalom - Songs in the Garden

Shirei Gan Shalom: Songs in the Garden
By Melita Doostan and the members of Octopretzel
A tribute to Gan Shalom Preschool, Berkeley, California

About Gan Shalom Preschool 

“Shirei Gan Shalom: Songs in the Garden” is a tribute to the wonderful Gan Shalom Preschool in Berkeley, California.  
Please note...  I made this CD per their request, so the families could learn the songs in the curriculum.  I am not a native Hebrew speaker, and I am aware that there are some small mistakes in pronunciations.  I did not anticipate wide distribution of this album, and did not know that would happen until after its' completion.  Please excuse the slight inaccuracies!

Music Notes

Album co-produced by Melita Doostan and Dave Rosenfeld
Recording and engineering by Dave Rosenfeld
Melita: guitar, lead vocals
Dave Rosenfeld: guitar, bass guitar, violin, mandolin, melodion, dumbek, shakers, other various percussion, snaps, taps and sound effects
David Doostan: supporting vocals
Jen Miriam Kantor: percussion on tracks 6, 19, 20, 22 & 25
Sarita Pockell: supporting vocals on tracks 6, 19, 21 & 25
Brian Schachter: piano on tracks 19, 23 & 24
Daniel Barash: vocals on track 9
Gan Shalom kids: Leilah Doostan, Gaby Galinson, Shoshanna Katler, Ilana Bradman, Ava Murakami, Bear Mahgell-Friedman, Eidan Schachter-Brooks, Ketriel Safran
Songs 7 & 8 written by Debbie Friedman
Song 9 written by Daniel Barash
All other songs traditional, arranged by Melita Silberstein and Dave Rosenfeld

Song notes, lyrics and translations

1)   Hine Mah Tov
“Hine mah tov u’manayim shevet achim gam yachad” This is a traditional gathering song: “How sweet it is, brothers and sisters dwelling together”
2) Good Morning Boker Tov
“We’ve come to the start of another day, and now we say shalom
We go to our work and we go to our play, and now we say shalom
Shalom my friends, shalom my friends, it’s time to say shalom
Good morning boker tov”

3) Welcome Song

Ani sameach delet poteach ba oreach, oreach Gan Shalom
4) Shehechianu Blessing
“Baruch ata A--- Eloheinu Melech ha olam, she’hechianu, ve’kiyemanu, ve’higianu lazman hazeh”
This is a traditional blessing that marks something new; “Thank you G-d, who brought us to this day.”  This blessing is often said when doing something for the first time, eating a new food, or wearing a new piece of clothing.  Maybe this is the first time you are listening to this CD!
5) Modeh Ani
“Modeh ani l’fanecha, melech chai, ve’kayam”
This is one of the traditional morning prayers.   The whole prayer is as follows: Modeh ani lifanecha melech chai v'kayam shehechezarta bi nishmahti b'chemlah, rabah emunatecha.  “I offer thanks before you, G-d, for You have mercifully restored my soul within me; Your faithfulness is great”
6) Hallelu
“Hallelu…Kol haneshama, Te’Hallel’yah, Hallelu Halleluyah”
“Praise G-d, every soul praises G-d”
7) In The Classroom
“In the classroom, ba’kitah, a boy is a yeled and a girl is yalda.  We call the teacher ha morah, we learn Hebrew, ivrit chadisha.  Mah is what, mi is who, shalom means hi, how do you do?  Ken is yes, lo means no, it’s fun to sing these words we know”
8) Aleph Bet
The Hebrew Alphabet:
“Aleph Bet Vet, Gimmel Dalet Heh, Vav Zayin Chet Tet, Yud Kaf Chaf, Lamed Mem Nun, Samech Ayin Peh Pheh, Tzadi Kuf Resh, Shin Sin Tav”
9) Etz Chaim Hi
Another Hebrew Alphabet Song, which relates all the Hebrew letters to the Tree of Life
“Etz chaim hi, it is a tree, reaches up to the sky, letters climbing so high”
10) Color Song
“Who is wearing kachol, that’s blue; adom, that’s red; tzahov, that’s yellow; yarok, that’s green; shachor, that’s black; lavan, that’s white”
11) Yom Huledet
“Yom huledet sameach… Ha yom yom huledet le’Leilah.  Haag la sameach, ve zer la poreach, ha yom yom huledet le’Leilah;” a happy Birthday song…  “today is Leilah’s birthdayday, it’s her happy occasion, her candle is shining, today is Leilah’s birthday”
12) Ooga Ooga
“Ooga ooga ooga, ba ma’agal nachuga, nistovev kol hayom, ad asher nimtza makom, la’shevet, la’kum”.  This is sometimes sung at childrens’ birthday parties.  Ooga means “cake”… dance in a circle, we’ll twirl all day until we’ll find a place, to sit, get up, sit, get up “la’shevet, la’kum” 
13) Shabbat Candles Blessing
“Baruch ata A---, Eloheinu melech ha’olam, asher kidshanu  be’mitzvotav, ve’tzivanu le’hadlik ner shel Shabbat”
14) Shabbat Shalom
A traditional song after lighting the Shabbat candles on Friday night
15) Shabbat Feeling
“I’ve got that Shabbat feeling deep in my heart, down in my toes, up in my head, right in my tummy, down in my hands, all over me”
16) Tzedakah
Tzedakah is money given away as charity
17) Shalom Aleichem
“Shalom aleichem, mal’achei ha sharet, mal’achei elyon, mi melech, malachei ha mal’achim, ha kadosh baruch hu; Bo’achem le’shalom, mal’achei  ha’shalom…; Barchuni le’shalom…; Tzetchem le’shalom”.  This is a traditional song for Shabbat.
“Peace be unto you, angels of G-d, angels of the heavens.  Come in peace, angels of peace… Bless me with peace…  Leave in peace…
18) I Made a Little Challah
I made a little challah, I made it all myself. I put it in the oven, I put it on the shelf. Now listen little challah, you must not run away. I need you for the Shabbat, o challah please do stay. I didn’t mean to touch it, but oh, it smelled so nice. I took a little nibble, I took a little bite. And then before I knew it, the pantry shelf was bare. There wasn’t any challah, the challah was not there!”
19) Torah Torah
“Torah Torah Torah…tsiva lanu Moshe.  Morasha kehillat yaakov”…” The Torah was commanded to Moses.  Heritage. Community. Jacob”

20) Birkat Hamazon

The blessing said after meals“Baruch atah A---, Eloheinu melech ha-olam, hazan et ha-olam kulo be’tuvo be’chenbe’chesed u’ve’rachamim, hu noten lechem le’chol basar, ki le’olam chasdo, u’be’tuvo hagadol tamid lo chasar lanu ve’al yechsar lanu mazon le’olam va’ed.  Ba’avur she’mo hagadol, ki hu El zan u’mefarnes lakol, hu meitiv lakol hu mechin mazon le’chol briyotav asher bara. Baruch atah A---, hazan et hakol.”
“Blessed are you G-d, who nourishes the world with goodness, with grace, with kindness and with compassion”
21) Moshe Emet
“Moshe emet, Moshe emet, v’Torah’to emet”
“Moses is true and the Torah is true”
22) Mah Tovu
“Mah tovu, o’halecha Yaakov, mishkenotecha Yisrael”
“How nice are your tents, Jacob, your dwellings, Israel”
23) El Na Refanalah
“El na refanalah, Refuah Shalemah”   A song of healing…
“Please G-d heal us.  Grant us full healing”
24) Lo Yisa Goy
“Lo yisa goy el goy cherev, lo yilmadu od milchama”
“Foe will not raise his sword on his foe, they will not wage war anymore”
25) Shalom Chaverim
Goodbye song
“Shalom chaverim…le’hitraot…shalom.  Goodbye to my friends”

26) The Shema
Prayer of Oneness
“Shema Yisrael A---  Eloheinu A--- Echad”
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